Damp Salt
Damp Salt
Damp Salt

High economic and ecological burden of road salt

Car and truck drivers expect snow and ice-free roads at all times. With a nationwide average of 1.6 million tons of road salt per winter, combating slippery roads, freezing wetness, ice rain and snowfall is a considerable cost factor and a high ecological burden.

However, the use of pre-wetted salt technology has made winter road maintenance much more economical. Investigations by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) show that the use of pre-wetted salt solutions can effectively prevent or at least delay the formation of ice.

According to estimates by the BASt, the annual savings potential on federal highways alone can be around 100,000 tons. The cost of technical equipment is therefore quickly recouped through the savings in de-icing salt.

Storage, mixing and loading stations for calcium and magnesium chloride for winter road clearance

ABIONIK, the specialist for solutions for exhaust air and waste water treatment, has developed systems for storage, mixing and loading of gritting vehicles with pre-wetted salt spreading agent. Our stations are reliable and durable in use at our customers – from manually operated to fully automatic systems – just as required.


Function of the system

The storage tank is filled with saline solution by a tanker vehicle. A level indicator with adjustable contacts shows the minimum/ maximum fill levels. An overfill protection system protects with optical and acoustic alarm.

The tank is emptied via a double-walled pipe. In case of leakage, a valve at the top of the pipe closes immediately.

A magnetically coupled centrifugal pump conveys the salt solution into a static mixer, and a defined amount of water is simultaneously added via a heated waterway. The brine concentration can be continuously adjusted by changing the pump capacity or the water quantity. The flow meters are equipped with contacts, which indicate a possible lack of salt or water. The ready to use solution can now be pumped directly into the gritting vehicles.

Storage tanks for inside or outside are made of PE-HD or GFK and are approved with test marks according to IFBT Berlin. The dosing cabinet is made of resistant plastic and contains the holder for the extraction pump, the dosing fittings and the control cabinet. The system is delivered including the piping (filling, withdrawal and pressure line).

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