Dosing Systems

Dosing systems provide substances or substance mixtures in a defined quantity and a certain mixing ratio

This can be done for solids, liquids or gases, both continuously over a certain period of time and discontinuously (as required) – even for highly flammable materials.

Fields of application

As an authorized specialist company according to WHG (BetrSichV and GefStoffV) ABIONIK has been active for over 40 years as a plant and equipment manufacturer in water treatment, waste water treatment and exhaust air purification.

Hundreds of ABIONIK projected plants of different sizes are used in various applications, e.g:

  • disinfection
  • deacidification
  • deferrization and demanganization
  • decarbonization (softening)
  • phosphate elimination, denitrification
  • defoaming
  • dubstrate Dosing
  • exhaust air treatment

Customer-specific design

We are the right partner for every task in the field of chemical storage and dosing technology. We offer you customized, turnkey solutions for all conceivable size classes and applications:

  • Planning, tendering
  • manufacturing of tanks, piping and dosing technology according to WHG
  • electrical design, control cabinet construction, control technology (e.g. with touch screen panels and intelligent SPS control)
  • assembly, commissioning and initial filling with chemicals
  • training of the operating personnel
  • maintenance and plant optimization

All operations under one roof

ABIONIK accompanies you during your entire project, all essential services are provided by our staff in Lich or at your site according to ISO-certified processes. In addition to tank and apparatus construction, electrical design and switch cabinet construction are carried out in-house. Thus, customer requirements can be optimally considered.

Assembly, commissioning, acceptance, maintenance and repair are carried out by our highly trained service personnel - also for third-party plant components.

Our dosing systems are used in various industries, including:

  • drinking water treatment
  • municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • food and beverage industry
  • pharmacy and chemistry
  • paint and varnish industry
  • paper industry


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