Microorganisms decompose organic pollutants in an environmentally friendly way

We build single- or multi-stage biofilter plants for exhaust air treatment at the highest level, individually tailored to the respective customer situation.

Biofilter systems

The use of environmentally friendly plants for biological exhaust air treatment is constantly increasing. In ABIONIK biofilters, pollutants and odorous substances from exhaust air and waste gas streams are broken down into non-toxic, odorless and largely low-molecular substances, such as carbon dioxide and water. This happens biochemically through the metabolic activity of microorganisms.

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Biofilter plants are only as good as their planning

The operating conditions (including temperature, humidity, nutrient supply, pH value) determine the design of the plant. It must be ensured that the metabolism of the microorganisms used can run at an optimal level.

Tailored to the respective application ABIONIK offers suitable construction methods

  • single-stage or multi-stage – for example with upstream bio- or chemical scrubber
  • surface, round or stack filters
  • container plants as well as compact and mobile biofilter plants
  • closed biofilters for targeted guidance of the exhaust air flow

Decisive for a high biological degradation performance is the choice of the optimal filter material

The biofilter material serves bacteria in the biofilter as carrier and source of nutrients. It is individually mixed for the respective application, structured in different grain sizes and fertilized as required. In this way, the biofilter reaches its maximum cleaning performance within a very short time after start-up.

The filter material is robust against temperature fluctuations and compaction and thus guarantees long service life and low operating costs.

As filter materials have proven themselves:

  • root wood fibers
  • wood chips
  • bark
  • coconut fibres
  • peat
  • expanded clay

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