MBR Filter
MBR Filter
MBR Filter

With over 40,000 membrane modules installed, ABIONIK is your competent partner for submerged filter modules for all MBR applications.

For our customers, we are continuously expanding our product range and investing in the expansion and optimization of our production facilities. The processing of high-grade plastics (PP) and stainless steel components (SS 304, SS 316 optional) guarantees highest quality and a long service life. Further filter sizes can be flexibly configured due to the modular design.

Compared to conventional activated sludge plants, the technology has a number of advantages as a combination of proven activated sludge technology and innovative membrane process. The membrane filters are placed directly in the activated sludge tank or in downstream filtration chambers, where they ensure reliable retention of activated sludge, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, a conventional secondary settling tank is no longer necessary to achieve the highest effluent quality.


  • low space requirement, compact design, no secondary clarifier required
  • excellent effluent quality, hygienization of the sewage plant effluent
  • Reuse of the filtrate, e.g. as process water
  • robust construction
  • reliable operation


  • Material org. polymer, PES
  • Separation limit ultrafiltration
  • MWCO 150 kDalton
  • Pore size (nominal) approx. 35 nm

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