Chlorine Gas
Chlorine Gas
Chlorine Gas

Safety in case of chlorine gas leakage

Gas accidents - mostly due to improper operation - can unfortunately never be completely ruled out. ABIONIK chlorine gas cleaning plants provide the necessary safety.

If chlorine is released from storage tanks, barrels, chlorine gas cylinders or chlorine dosing units the chlorine warning system triggers an alarm and activates the ABIONIK chlorine gas purification plant. The exhaust air is then led by a chemical resistant plastic fan through the ABIONIK countercurrent packed scrubber and neutralized in countercurrent with a washing liquid - mostly caustic soda. The heat of reaction occurring during the chemical washing process is absorbed by the washing liquid.

Emergency units for chlorine gas neutralization are successfully used by ABIONIK customers in the drinking water and waste water treatment as well as in the chemical industry.

The large exchange surface enables a reliable neutralization of the escaped gases

To create the required exchange surface, chemical-resistant fillers in bulk or block design are used. For this reason, a reliable neutralization can be guaranteed by comparatively compact plants.

Facilitated shipping and construction of the plants due to modular design

The chlorine gas cleaning systems can be equipped with a separating flange and are easy to transport in a 20- or 40-foot sea container. All components are already mounted and electrically wired. Assembly and commissioning can therefore be done by the customer himself (plug-and-play). A factory cold start-up is carried out at ABIONIK before shipping.

Durable materials resist most aggressive media and environmental conditions

The choice of materials is determined by the operating conditions. All plant components coming into contact with the medium (tank, fan, packing, circulating pumps, piping and measuring instruments) are therefore made of chemical-resistant plastics.

The materials used are PE, PP and PVC. The plants can also be supplied in GRP composite construction.


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