Gas Scrubber
Gas Scrubber

Reliable removal of pollutants and odors

Cleaning of process exhaust gases according to the absorption principle

In scrubbing, water-soluble substances are dissolved from the exhaust gas in a liquid by physico-chemical means. For this purpose the gas stream is brought into contact with a liquid stream. Both solid and liquid or gaseous substances of the gas stream can be transferred into the liquid. Thus, a high purity of the exhaust air without pollutants or unpleasant odors can be guaranteed, while at the same time a low concentration of residue product is achieved.

Possible fields of application are

  • Oxidizing gas scrubbing of sewage gases
  • Ammonia Separation
  • Amine wash
  • Flue gas desulfurization

ABIONIK gas scrubbers are tailor-made

Our gas scrubbers are individually tailored to the respective customer-specific requirements. Therefore, ABIONIK offers a large number of different scrubber types. These can also be built in several stages (counter-, cross- or direct current scrubbers) or can be used as emergency units only.

Depending on the application different designs are possible

  • single-stage – multi-stage
  • indoor or outdoor installation
  • round – angular
  • standing – lying
  • plastic – stainless steel

The most modern software is available for process engineering design. In addition, a test scrubber can be provided on request to support the basic design of an exhaust air scrubber.

Durable materials resist most aggressive media and environmental conditions

The choice of materials is determined by the operating conditions. Strongly acidic or alkaline media have a corrosive effect. Extreme climatic conditions, e.g. near the equator, place additional stress on the systems. The materials used are PE, PP, PVDF, PVC and GFK in composite construction. The plants can also be supplied in stainless steel.

ABIONIK offers

  • design, planning and construction of gas scrubbers from one source
  • technical knowledge built up over years

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